Rewind – A World Reversed – Into the Past

Rewind the time, reverse the world or walk backwards into the past? What if all this was possible and the world was turning in the opposite way? Here is how it would be – really cool! Rewind – a World Reversed – Into the Past is a short video I’ve filmed in the nearby park in Bergen, Norway. The video was inspired by Messe Kopp and his clip Forward.

Things I did to show the relativity of time:
• Fall
• Jump on a Bench
• Throwing Coins
• Blowing Soap Bubbles
• Throwing Accessories
• Watering a Tree
• Eating a Banana
• Ripping a Sheet of Paper
• Throwing Cards
• Scaring Pigeons with Popping Balloons
• Playing with a Flower

Is it a present? Am I walking into the Future or maybe Past? When we watch something uncommon to our eyes our perceptions are often tested, while there is a simple explanation behind. I would like to thank pigeons for their cooperation, since they flew away at a perfect moment 🙂

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Song by Paranoid Breaks. ( — We are Imortals
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