DIY Nail Art Brush! How to Make a Nail Art Striper Brush – DIY Nail Art Tools

In This DIY nail art brush tutorial I show how to make a great precision brush or a nail art striper for your precise nail designs yourself. I have been looking for a great nail art precision striping brush for a long time without success. Most of the nail art brushes and nail art stripers were just too thick for the nail art designs I wanted to create. This is why I decided to make my own thin nail art striping brush at home from scratch and I love it! I think that this nail art brush is certainly one of the must have nail art tools.To make this DIY brush at home you only need some natural hair (used for the nail art brush bristles), scissors, glue, some pliers, a knife, a tape and a lollipop. Now you’ll be able to apply nail polish precisely and make interesting, artistic and most importantly unique nail designs! Further, nails with cool nail designs have become important accessories in today’s world of fashion.

This Do It Yourself Nail Art Striper is perfect for those super creative nail artists out there. You can reuse it with different colors and styles so it simply makes all of your designs possible. Build your own nail art striping brush and improve your nail art tools collection! Find all the tools to build this nail art at home! Be creative, fashionable, edgy, and look great with awesome Nail designs. The best part of this nail art brush DIY is that it is really easy and simple to do — I’ve spent less than an hour to make it.

I am really happy I decided to create this nail art precision brush myself since it really opened the possibilities for making many different detailed nail art designs. With this nail art brush I am able to easily apply thin stripes of nail polish and draw perfect thin lines, which comes really handy when I want to paint details to nail art shapes and characters. If you want to see the nail art tutorial where I use this brush, check out my beauty channel and search for the Lego nail art video.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your home made nail art precision brush, just use an acetone on a cotton pad and gently wipe your striper brush. This way your DIY striping brush will last you for a very long time. Since you can clean your nail art brush after every use (nail design you paint), you will be able to use it for different colors of nail polish. This will save you a lot of money as you won’t have to buy all the different colored nail stripers.

Nail art brushes are made either from natural hair from animals or synthetic hair. There are many different kinds of natural hair nail art brushes. The reason for that is pretty straightforward. Each kind of natural hair has its own specialty. Different natural hairs are known for their durability, springiness, absorbency, softness, or cost effectiveness. Natural nail art brushes are usually made of kolinsky sable, red or black sable, squirrel, goat, pony, camel, boar or mongose hair. The problem with synthetic nail art brushes has always been how to make the plastic fiber absorbent. However, researchers recently found that synthetic fiber treated with a chemical, like an acid, caused the fiber to get little pits on the surface. Those little pits give the water (monomer for nail artists) a place to sit on the nail art brush hair until it is applied to the surface. Another differentiation of synthetic hair vs. natural hair are split ends! Synthetic nail art brushes don’t have that, but they are very important for the nail polish application. The only advantage of synthetic fiber brushes is that it is much less expensive than natural hair brushes in addition to being very durable.

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