CGI & VFX Showreels: “Animation Film Reel” – by Peer Lemmers

Check out this inspiring Animation Reel by the talented Peer Lemmers, showcasing various animation work Peer has completed over the last few years for the following studios: Dreamworks SKG, Sony Imageworks and Image Engine, all rights remain at these studios. This reel is for demonstration and educational purposes only.

Peer has been a character and creature animator by profession now for the last 10 years. He’s had the honor and pleasure of working at several fantastic studios, including Dreamworks SKG, Tippett Studio, Sony Imageworks, Image Engine and Double Negative to name a few during his journey from The Netherlands to the USA, Canada and back. He had his CG start at Animation Mentor and has been working ever since, learning as much as he could along the way. He’s worked in games, TV animation, VFX and feature animation that has given him a broad insight into the various production needs as an animator.

Currently, he is back in his hometown of Amsterdam working at Guerrilla Games on Horizon Zero Dawn as principle animator.

To view more of the work he has done or find out more information regarding his work please visit the following websites:

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