CGI Stop-Motion Teaser Trailer: “Chuck Steel: Night Of The Trampires” – by Animortal Studio

Check out the phenomenal stop-motion in this teaser trailer for ‘Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires’, because Chuck Steel has work to do if he is to prevent the worst plague ever to hit Los Angeles – a scourge of deadly Trampires, mutant hybrids of vampires and bums.! Created by our good friends over at Animortal Studio! For more information, please see the details and links below:

In late 2014, after the worldwide festival success for his short film ‘Chuck Steel : Raging Balls of Steel Justice’, writer, director and producer Mike Mort began production on the feature length ‘Chuck Steel : Night of the Trampires’ with a world class animation team at Animortal Studio in South Wales, UK.

Along with with producers Rupert Lywood, Joseph D’Morais & Randhir Singh, Mike and the team at Animortal Studio have pushed the boundries, of stop motion animation, creating a stunning action/horror/comedy movie for the big screen.

Writer: Mike Mort
Director: Mike Mort
Producers: Rupert Lywood, Joseph D’Morais, Randhir Singh, Mike Mort

Music : Original Music Score by Joris De Man, for Animortal Studio.




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